Valérie Quittre / Senior Researcher

Science of Education – Universtiy of Liege / Master in Biochemistry – Expertise in Teaching and Learning in Science

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My fields of expertise are related to the teaching and learning in science and the international large-scale assessments of students, especially in science.
I think that my family and I are sensitive and pay attention to the environment for a long time now but we can do more and better. It is amazing to experiment that changes we adopt do not compromise our confort, and quite the contrary.
Our four children are now young adults but already at the primary school, we went at school by walking or cycling as much as possible, we used recyclable boxes and bottles for the lunch and avoided all individual packaging, invited them to play outside and tried to awaken them to nature and environment… They are now leaving the nest and we see that all the actions we have initiated are natural for them.
For two years now, I go working with e-bike, except when the weather is really windy or rainy. My home is 26 km far from my work place at the University of Liege with an steep slope in both ways. And it s a real pleasure each day. If I’m forced to take my car, I’m unhappy and furious to be in the traffic jam. Hopefully, with a adequate equipment, it’s possible to bike even in winter and in a small rain. If I’m feeling tired at the morning, the tiredness disappears on the e-bike and I’m feeling fresh at work. I had some insomnia before, I sleep now very well… Two years ago, I was the only one in my department to join the office by (e-)bike. Over months, colleagues asked questions and we are now about five in winter and more than ten in summer to regulary use (e-)bike.
The difficulties are of course the dangers of the road traffic. I had to learn to cycle in the traffic, taking my place on the road, respecting the traffic regulations. Of course, I’m aware of the dangers but my choice is also a “political” action. I think that the causal relationship between cycle paths and cycle users is both ways: we cannot wait fully secured paths to cycle, and bike users will also force the politic to develop cycle paths . Let’s say that I take a (measured) risk to work for the future generation!

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