Aline Cordonnier / Researcher

UCLouvain / Psychology and cognitive sciences

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Little every days actions are relatively easy to implement: I try to walk as much as possible (to work, to do my shopping, etc) or take public transport. There are entire weeks where my car does not get used at all. Obviously we recycle, we carry a water bottle and we avoid taking away food in plastic non-reusable containers.
But I often believe this is putting a bandaid on a much bigger wound. It makes me feel better but, deep down, does not accomplish much. I truly believe that the real impact will need to come from above: governments need to force companies to stop using plastic and emit less CO2. More funding needs to go to research to find alternatives to our way of lives (alternatives to fuel, green energy, materials other than plastic, better management of waste, etc).
It’s great that people want to do something for the world, but we can’t just turn off one light and hope we have changed the world. Changes need to be deep and extended to matter at this time.

Originally posted 2018-04-26 02:04:31.