250 scientists testify about the changes they put into practice in their life to better respect our environment

Sophie Vanwambeke / Professor

My research focuses on how the way humans interact with the environment affects the risk of getting into contact with diseases. Tick-borne diseases are such an example that is (…)

Hendrik Wouters / Researcher

I am Hendrik Wouters, researcher at Ghent University. I study the emergence of heat waves, drought and intense precipitation. I have participated in the latest climate report from (…)

Agnès NOEL / Professor

I am coordinating cancer research in the University of Liège. I am personally concerned by the impact of our behavior and consumption (smoking, junk food, pesticide contaminated (…)

Frederic Bouhon / Professor

As a professor of public law, I am particularly interested in the content of the Belgian Constitution, but also in its evolutionary prospects. In association with several colleagues (…)

Olivier Malay / PhD student

My research area covers well-being and sustainability indicators. I also work on free (or zero fare) public transports. In my way of life, I decided not to use the car and to use (…)