250 scientists testify about the changes they put into practice in their life to better respect our environment

Oscar Brousse / PhD Candidate

Working on the African urban climate at KU Leuven, one of my main concern is concerning data scarcity and the induced lack of resilience from populations living there.

Cédric Luthers / Expert

Main concerns : Air pollution, including traffic and heat sources. I carry out numerous studies all around Wallonia where problems are detected or suspected (proximity to traffic (…)

Qianqian su / PhD student

Consume less, reduce eco-footprints, learn more about climate change and spread the word. Make my own contribution to lower the energy consumption and protect our environment.

Florence Degavre / Professor

I was trained in Economics and Social sciences, with a focus on sustainable development. My scientific activities articulate insights from socio-economics and gender studies and (…)

Jacques Tempere / Hoogleraar

How academic scientists are evaluated pushes them to fly more rather than less, and this has to change. Especially flights to participate in ceremonial jurys should stop.

Amar van Laar / PhD candidate

As a scientist, I contribute to discussions on healthy sustainable nutrition and the impact of polution on our health. Lets unite as scientist to make a difference.