250 scientists testify about the changes they put into practice in their life to better respect our environment

Hendrik Wouters / Researcher

I am Hendrik Wouters, researcher at Ghent University. I study the emergence of heat waves, drought and intense precipitation. I have participated in the latest climate report from (…)

Anne-Laure Jacquemart / Professor

My main concerns are about the biodiversity crisis. Experts have recognised three main causes. The first main cause depends on habitat destruction, fragmentation and degradation (…)

Andrea Catellani / Professeur

Everything has to change: behaviors, spiritual life, political engagement… From a systemic point of view too, we have to move towards a real ecological transition.

Pascal Mailier / Senior scientist

In our struggle to make this world a better place, our best weapon remains our determination to change ourselves. “Be the change you want to see in this world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Gian-Marco Rignanese / Professor

Our use of energy has been one of the drivers (and probably the main one) of climate change. Moving to renewable sources of energy is crucial for the future of our planet. Materials (…)