250 scientists testify about the changes they put into practice in their life to better respect our environment

Bruno Danis / Associate Professor

My main concerns:
The combination of environmental and social stressors currently being expressed is unprecedented for me and poses a certain threat to the survival of the human (…)

René-Marie Lafontaine / Chercheur

My main concern, as a conservation biologist, is the disappearance of our natural world, wildlife and birds in particular. I have been a naturalist since more than 50 years and (…)

Inne Vanderkelen / PhD researcher

In our daily activities as climate scientists, we see the importance of keeping global warming well below 1.5°C every day in our climate model simulations.
Therefore, I try to (…)

Alexandra Gossart / PhD student

my mains concerns relate to climate change. At both remote locations (Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets, and ice caps), as well as at local scale (Europe, Belgium and cities (…)

Aline Cordonnier / Researcher

Little every days actions are relatively easy to implement: I try to walk as much as possible (to work, to do my shopping, etc) or take public transport. There are entire weeks (…)