250 scientists testify about the changes they put into practice in their life to better respect our environment

Hendrik Wouters / Researcher

I am Hendrik Wouters, researcher at Ghent University. I study the emergence of heat waves, drought and intense precipitation. I have participated in the latest climate report from (…)

Agnès NOEL / Professor

I am coordinating cancer research in the University of Liège. I am personally concerned by the impact of our behavior and consumption (smoking, junk food, pesticide contaminated (…)

Frederic Bouhon / Professor

As a professor of public law, I am particularly interested in the content of the Belgian Constitution, but also in its evolutionary prospects. In association with several colleagues (…)

Olivier Malay / PhD student

My research area covers well-being and sustainability indicators. I also work on free (or zero fare) public transports. In my way of life, I decided not to use the car and to use (…)

Virgilio Goujon / Master student

The key element is education… for all our problem. The youth mind is the most fertile ground for any idea on earth. They must be planted with the environmental seed and time will do the rest.