250 scientists testify about the changes they put into practice in their life to better respect our environment

Charlotte Wirion / PhD

With an increased urbanization rate we have to face new challenges with innovative urban planning methods, urban agriculture, improved mobility and better waste management.

Samuel Helsen / PhD researcher

Climate action should not only be taken top-down (policy) but also bottom-up. Within this testimony I give an overview of my personnel actions to live in a more sustainable way.

Philippe Huybrechts / Professor

My main concern is the inertia of the climate system and the long time scales connected with in particular sea level rise. It will be very difficult, hence impossible, to avoid (…)

Frederik Hendrickx / Senior scientist

Working as a biologist in a natural sciences institute that holds a unique historical entomological collection confronts me daily with the tremendous biodiversity loss we are experiencing (…)

Peter Galbusera / Researcher

Biodiversity, climate and human well-being go hand in hand but are deteriorating. We, politician and citizens, need to act urgently in a holistic and realistic way.