250 scientists testify about the changes they put into practice in their life to better respect our environment

Iris Vermeir / Associate professor

The main concern is that a lot of consumption decisions are made without a lot of thought and even if we think about it, there is an overload on contradictory information on how (…)

Guido Gryseels / Director general

I have worked for more than 40 years on the challenges to food security in Africa. The main challenge to agriculture and natural resources management in Africa today is to find (…)

Bert Van Schaeybroeck / Scientiest

As a researcher I was involved in the coordination of a national climate project studying the effect of climate change on multiple aspects of our society. It was concluded that (…)

Joanna Suliga / PhD researcher

Environmental conservation is not only the part of my personal concerns, but also my professional interests. I am a member of the research project HiWET that aims at supporting (…)