We change for life

The “We Change For Life” initiative


We are more than 250 Belgian academics with expertise in climate and other environmental sciences (*). We express our deep concern for life sustainability on our planet. We have only one planet, and we are destroying it. There is no room for doubt anymore.


But you have probably already read these alarming scientific findings.  The time is no longer for despair or hesitation. Now, we must act, much faster and better than before.

“for Life”

Scientists are citizens like everyone else. So we decided to take action, without waiting for everyone to do it. Our goal here is to show that more and more people are implementing solutions that are effective and often workable on an individual and immediate basis.

We are changing our lifestyles to feed ourselves, move, work, and thus reduce our impact on the planet. Our testimonies show our solutions, and the benefits they bring us: lifestyle change is possible, and it is good for our health, for the planet and for our wallet.

There are difficulties, some of which can only be resolved by political decisions taken at the level of our society; we also testify about this.

In this way, we take the side of all the world’s children. The young people who are demanding that we protect their future, here and now. The time to act is now: let’s wake up!

You can do two things: come and discover the testimonies of our 250 experts in your mother tongue: in French, in Dutch or English on our website WeChangeForLife.org. Come and join us as well by sharing which changes you are making in your life, here on our website.

(*) Anyone who is at least in Master 2 was eligible to participate within all fields relevant to environmental degradation: Climatology, Biology, Geography, Geology, Agronomy, (Bio)Engineering, Medical and Paramedical Sciences, Social Sciences related to environmental degradation: Law, Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology, Economics, Political Sciences, History. We have received testimonies from experts in these different disciplines.

They are behind the We Change For Life project

We Change For Life is a project initiated by three scientists,
biologists or climatologist, who wish to raise public awareness about
the emergency to take action to ensure the livability of our planet.
More than 250 Belgian scientific colleagues from all Belgian
universities have joined forces to show that changing lifestyles is
possible and urgent. It is no longer time for hesitation or despair,
let’s take action!

Caroline Nieberding

Associate Professor – UCLouvain – Biology, Evolution, Ecology

Read her testimony

Jean-Pascal van Ypersele

Former IPCC Vice-Chair – Professeur en Climatologie – UCLouvain – ancien vice-président du GIEC

Read his testimony

Lucette Flandroy

Retired senior expert – Federal public Service Health, Food Chain Safety & Environment / Biodiversity & health, biosafety.

Read her testimony