Anne-Laure Jacquemart / Professor

UCLouvain / Plant ecology

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My main concerns are about the biodiversity crisis. Experts have recognised three main causes. The first main cause depends on habitat destruction, fragmentation and degradation (including pollution and climate changes). The second main cause is biological invasions and the third one is about overexploitation of resources (hunting, trading …).
For many years, I have been trying to make changes at my own level. On a professional point of view, I motivate students into thinking and understanding those problems (courses on ecology, habitat and species management, land planning ….as well as numerous Ms and PhD theses). We organise the laboratory in order to reduce waste and participate to local actions (compost, reduction of pesticides in the greenhouses, etc). I have also participated as President of the Conseil supérieur wallon de la conservation de la nature during 10 years.
On a personal point of view, I installed photovoltaic panels for the electricity, solar system for water heating, a water tank of 10000 l for all water uses at home, including drinking water. I manage the garden to welcome as many natural species as possible. I work near my house and reduce travelling costs (train vs. plane for professional and personal uses). We produce our vegetables and eat only organic food.
The difficulties come from a very low consideration of Belgian politicians for energetic incentives (renewable energy, water tanks …,). Lack of public transportations (home to work for example), high prices for less polluting transports (travelling by train is always more expensive than by plane)
Key changes: incentives to reduce air pollution, habitat destruction and alternations, renewable energy on a local and personal level. Ending with coal and nuclear electric productions. Developing a real cheap offer for public transportation system.

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