Aurore Colomar / Neurosciences Lecturer

UMONS / Biological and Medical Sciences

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Main concerns: As a biologist, I am first concerned by the consequences on biodiversity of our human way of life. Our induction of climate changes, our human activities and pollution are key inducers of loss of species diversity, decrease in animal, vegetal and microbial counts, and weakening of our ecosystems and landscapes. As a researcher focused on human health, I worry about the parallel of some causes and consequences between vulnerability of wild life and human health disruption (loss of qualitative nutrition, endocrine disturbances, neurodegenerative diseases).
Changes /actions implemented: In our daylife, to decrease our carbon footprint and care about climate, we chose a house close to train station and schools, but also a sustainable electrical supply, A+++ devices each time we replace old domestic appliances. We have isolated our house roof and bought a new condensing boiler. We try to buy local food.
To manage finite ressources, we placed water saver on each tap and shower, water tanks to keep rain water, low energy consumption devices and a high efficiency stove. We sort garbages, we have a compost for all vegetable leftovers. We give or sell unused materials and clothes.
We try to limit pollution by using biodegradable products for the renovation of our house or household products (paints, glue, detergent). Most of our food is biological labelled (less pollution for earth and farmers)
To care about biodiversity, we avoid pesticides in our garden, we built a pond where frogs, newts and dragonflies came naturally, we placed nest boxes, food supply for birds in winter, we have part of our lawn not mown during summer, a wood pile, an old stump and we regularly do bird or animal counting in our garden or surrounding countryside.
Difficulties: It is difficult to calculate our ecological footprint (few internet sites accessible with complete and precise evaluation), to find adequate information on geographical origin, growing and manufacturing methods of food. It is still a challenge to find furnitures made locally with local sustainably grown wood.
Key changes needed from society or at political level: We need to take in account climate and biodiversity preservation in each political decision we take whatever the subject. We urgently need a new sustainable mobility politics, but also inflections of agricultural policy and industry regulation towards sustainability and important actions on education and health prevention.

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