Benoit Muylkens / Head of the veterinary department

University of Namur / Virology Molecular Biology Veterinary Sciences

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My main concerns :

  • In virology, the effect of climate change has been observed these last 15 years since several viral diseases have emerged in Western Europe. These diseases are transmitted by insects. They were imported from other continents (mainly Africa) and adapted easily to our conditions. This is a strong indicator that environmental changes impact on disease transmission.
    Changes and actions that I have implemented in my life :
  • I have decided to use public transportation for 2 years now to reach my working place.
  • We avoid buying food from supermarkets and try to limit to the maximum the use of plastic packaging.
  • We go to the butcher with our own recipients to avoid disposable packaging.
  • We adapted our food consumption and sensitize our 4 children to the environmental issue.
    Difficulties encountered;
  • The offer of public transportation is not sufficiently developped
  • The cost of public transportation is still not attractive. Annual cost for 3 kids : more than 700 € to cover a distance of 15 kms from home to school. This is not fair.
    Key changes at the political level :
  • A real support for promoting the use of public transportation- Effective support to local micro food supplier- Combating the mass distribution and the suprmarket lobbies that destroyed the family-based agriculture

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