Béranger Waterschoot / Teaching assistant

UCLouvain / Evolutionary Ecology

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As an evolutionary biologist, I am well aware of the influence of environmental changes on the living organisms which populate the Earth. Climate change will have a huge impact on all organisms, including us, in the not-so-long run. There is no doubt about it.
In order to avoid these negative consequences, there is only a single means: modify our way of living as human beings. Eating much less meat and ready meals, using short circuits and buying from small craftsmen, using our own reusable containers while shopping, reusing multiple times purchased packaging when it is not possible to use our own, finding washable alternatives to what we can only use once, fixing our possessions as much as possible, creating less waste (as a consequence of the previous proposals) and sorting properly the waste produced, making our own household products, taking the plane and using the car as little as possible, and sorting our mailbox (hence avoiding the need of stocking a large quantity of data on servers) are small actions that we, my girlfriend and I, put in place daily.
Of course, we did not begin doing that overnight. That would have been insurmountable. Rather, we chose one action at a time, and, when we were used to it, we selected another one, and so on. Doing that was, astonishingly, not so difficult, and I am convinced everyone would be able to do the same! After all, our planet is worth making small changes in our life, isn’t it?
All those people-scaled actions would, finally, encourage and complement the ones we need at a larger scale, either at the political or the society level. Namely, it is time for reducing our utilisation of the fossil fuels, encouraging the local economy at the expense of large-scale economy, implementing conservation and restoration of endangered environments programs, and, of course, giving access, for everyone, to the knowledge needed to understand the consequences of human actions on our planet.

Originally posted 2019-04-23 20:08:10.