Bruno Danis / Associate Professor

Marine Biology Lab, Université Libre de Bruxelles / Biodiversité Antarctique, biodiversité informatique, écologie spatiale

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My main concerns:
The combination of environmental and social stressors currently being expressed is unprecedented for me and poses a certain threat to the survival of the human species. Global change, erosion of biodiversity, social injustice form a cocktail which can be expected to be explosive. We probably have the technical means to deal with those stressors, but this will require a strong paradigm shift in the way our societies work (a better understanding of the issues, better preparation through education, fair redistribution of wealth, etc.) as well as a strong will (I was going to write political, but I think it is more for the citizen to take the initiative). I am not sure that this change will happen fast enough.
The changes I am implementing:
At work: inform students about the issues and their potential role as a biologist, as part of my courses in general ecology, biogeography and field placements.
At home: seeking a high level of performance in terms of resource use, by implementing “low tech” solutions: insulation, rainwater use, self-constructed solar panels, compost, permanent research to reduce waste. Education and awareness of children.
Transport: Bicycles, public transport. Car only if necessary.
Holidays: Camping under tents, in Europe.
Food: short circuits, bulk purchases, participation in collaborative grocery stores, products from sustainable agriculture, low consumption of meat and dairy products.

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