Bruno Frere / Professor, researcher

FRS-FNRS, University of Liege / FRS-FNRS, University of Liege

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My lectures at the university are concerned with the critique of capitalism and productivism as ways to make the nature and the human only resources for private money richness. I also use to come by running to the university rather than by car, I do my shopping in organic shops and I try to buy a maximum of vegetables, cheeses and other farm product in a Groupe d’achat collectif (short food supply chains). I also support all the autonomous zones created in Europe such as the one of Notre-Dame-Des-landes and I support all the kind of degrowth movements (notably by boycotting planes as much as I know and refusing definitely to deal with firmes such as Ryanair). I have bought my house with a bank loan from Triodos (which is a cooperative bank which does not invest in oil or any kind of other polluting energy or any kind of unfair business I definitely chose this kind of bank also because it is closer to an anti-capitalist behaviour than all other banks. ). I also renovated my and isolated my house with organic product bought in social cooperatives rather than in usual industrial products businesses. But I would like here also to underline that this kind of effort are just peanuts regarding the real authors of global warming which are mainly non ethical banks, oil companies, Gafas, international investors in industrialism etc. Without an international coordination of social movements (and democratic states) against them, all individual efforts are just futile even if beautiful.
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