Charlotte Bréda / Postdoctoral researcher

University of Liège / Anthropology of Nature / Citizen science / transdisciplinary research

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  • I’m an anthropologist and my expertise is about the different knowledges about nature and environmental changes and their interactions.
    During my PhD, I studied the knowledges about coastal erosion in Canada and the way of those knowledges are taken into account in political decision and territorial management . I’m convinced that the local knowledges should be more involved in the local impact of climate changes and the way to live with.
    My postdoc reasearch aim to produce a method for co-construction of knowledge with scientists, citizen and stakeholders about environment in the territory of belgian luxembourg in a transdisciplinary perspective. I assess the conditions for establishing as an institution this method of producing knowledges.I try to make science in a different way to contribute to a more sustainable territory. Currently, my research concerns a new citizen management for the forest in Belgium
  • I make my own cosmetic (soap, toothpaste, deodorant…) and house cleaning products. It is a way to have waste less plastic and to use more local and natural products. I eat local and try to buy loose goods. I try to buy second hands clothes and furnitures, I drive an LPG-propelled car. I pay for my carbon footprint- the most difficulty I have is to find an alternative way to go to work. There are no public transport in the region I live in (province of Luxembourg, Belgium) – A better access to local goods in every region of Belgium (not only in urban environment), more public transports in rural environment, and the school should be the place where to learn how to “do it yourself”

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