Charlotte Cornil / Researcher

University of Liège / Biologist, PhD in Sciences, trained in neuroendocrinology

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I study how hormones control behavior and reproduction. Many of the chemicals we use daily (from plastic food container, pesticides to cosmetics and flame retardant in our computer or car seat) interfere with normal hormonal actions thus altering the normal development, metabolism and reproduction of many species, including ourselves. These chemicals contribute to health issues in humans, but they also contribute to distabilize ecological systems and reduce biodiversity. In some species, whether an individual develops as male or female depends on the temperature at which it was incubated (during development). With global warming these species are facing extinction as a result of lack of sexual partners. With the disappearance of species, it is our own survival that is threatened.
Over the years, as a family, we have gradually increased our consumption of organic and local food bought from stores where organic fruits and vegetables are not wrapped in plastic. We drink water from tap or glass bottles. We eat in season, avoid processed food and have reduced our consumption of meat. Our kids go to school with homemade snacks, sandwiches and soup contained in stainless steel cans. We grow some of our vegetables. We own only one car which we use a minimum. During the week, the car goes from home to school and from there we go to work by bike or public transportation. We sort our waste and bring it to the recycling park.
Our house is renovated, we have insulated the roof when we moved in but it could still be better. The heating system is currently not compatible with a heat pump, but are concsidering alternatives. To present our work and meet other scientists I have to travel. When possible I favor the train but I still fly long distances (often to America) one to three times a year. I am currently looking for ways to recenter my activities in Europe, but this is a challenge.
Major changes in the society/politics :

  • The promotion of local, small-scale and sustainable farming
  • Improving the sorting and recycling of individual and industrial waste
  • Re-development of local grocery stores or supermarket stalls where quality food is available over the counter (not pre-wrapped).
  • Control and limit industrial waste
  • Tax on kerosene to limit importation of goods from all over the world
  • Promote sustainable production (end planned obsolescence) and the redevelopment of repair shops

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