Denis Flandre / Professor

EPL/ICTEAM/ELEN / Electronics (low power), Solar cells, Sensors

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  • The main concern ins my field is to achieve better life cycle performance for electronics or electrical systems. This is related to an overall reduction of power consumption or increase of renewable power generation, with better use of ressources, more reasonable usage of these systems, improved efficiency and recyclability … The public should be made aware of the right technological choices to pursue, their real cost (e.g. Internet when not used properly), etc
  • At personal level, I chose to invest in high-efficiency house insulation and gas heater (-60% gas consumption), roof solar panels (-30% electricity), car (less than 6 l / 100km, instead of 8), etc …
  • Main difficulties :
    • Car : I still want to reduce my car consumption by 20-30%, but at an affordable price and with sure technology (electrical car advantages are to be debated on a case-to-case basis because of batteries). The best option could be gas, but there are no station in LLN.
    • Train / Public transport : Terrible in time and cost to go anywhere else than main cities, in Belgium or Europe because of bad interconnections !
  • Key changes at short term to achieve 2030 objectives are not that radical :
    • Make people and politicians aware of their choices and their real cost (e.g. how much does a nuclear plant cost vs renewables ?)
    • e.g. avoid or ban SUV-like cars, i.e. heavier than needed, with consumption higher than needed …
    • 60 % of houses in Belgium still use old heaters that consume 30-60% too much. Saying that the cost to change that is huge is totally wrong. At 3000 euros per house and a reduction of 50-100 euros of heating cost per month, it is an investment with high return !
    • tax “undue” or not yet taxed pollution, e.g. kerosene, excess CO2, etc

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