Dries Van den Eynde / Researcher

Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences / Physical oceanography

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I am researcher working of physical impacts of climate change, sea level rise, change of storminess, effects of sea level rise on waves. I am also involded in environmental impact assessment of offshore wind parks.
I am concerned about the effects of sea level rise and the efffectsof increase in sea temperature for Belgium and for the entire world.
I am taking as much as possible public transport and train for my transport. I am trying to avoid using plastics as much as possilble and try to eat vegetarian regurarly. I renovated my home recently, trying to decrease the energy consumptions and installed sun boiler.
On political level, promotion of public transport, decreasing the number of cars, and increasing the price for flights could help.
I am promoting nuclear energy, without forgetting about the difficulties with the nuclear waste…
I am promoting wind energy and sun energy!

Originally posted 2019-02-21 06:26:16.