Estelle Laurent / PhD student

ELIB-UCL / Ecology

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My research focuses on the consequences of habitat fragmentation and climate modification on dispersal choices of organisms. Therefore, since we know global change will have dramatic consequences on dispersal behavior (essential for species survival), I am particularly concerned about it.
In order to reduce my carbon footprint, I made my own dishwasher detergent in an effort to trim plastic consumption. I go shopping with my own cloth bag and I use a flask and a lunch box rather than single use alternatives. I also try to have a conscious use in my computer habits meaning working with search engines and servers using renewable energy, delete emails I do not need, unplug chargers when done… Also, I consume mainly in-season fruits and vegetables and I reduce the consumption of meat in my household to twice a week. The meat we consume comes from farms close by and for whom animal welfare is a priority. At home we also use electricity which is 100% green.
Indeed, these new habits are not always easy to implement. I would love to reduce the use of my car but public transportation makes my daily commute excessively time consuming. Also, even if we try to base our consumption on local producers it’s far easier to go to a supermarket. Finally, it is hard to reduce the amount of household waste since there is a lot of extra plastic on everything you buy.
Today, I think that the key change we have to adopt at the political level is to first stop considering that only wealthy people can be green. Second, the tax relief for company cars ought to be abolished since we know that most cars on the road are company cars. Third, we should give the priority to green electricity for administration, university buildings… Fourth, we should also reduce the cost of public transportation for example by including it in the taxes we pay. Fifth, we must encourage people to sort waste by making it more accessible.
To conclude, I think we can change the world if we try; every small action is a step forward.

Originally posted 2018-11-19 16:50:17.

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