Fabien Darrouzet / Research Scientist

Royal Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (IASB-BIRA) / Geophysics

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I am very concerned by the climate warming, mainly due to Human activities. We are already observing many alarming signals and some action should be done now, at a personal level, but also mainly at a state/political level.
Concerning myself, I have recently started to make some compost with my family food wastes. I am growing vegetables in a garden bin (system made available by the town). We try to buy more local and seasonal food products. We try to travel less by plane and use our car the minimum possible. We go frequently to “repair café” to give a second or third life to some objects.
It is hard to make people concerned by the climate change, even inside a federal research institute working on climate change !!
At the political level, more actions should be done. In particular, they should at least follow and apply the “Accords de Paris”, this is a minimum. In Belgium, a consensus should be found between all regions and communities, there is no time to fight and discuss… Some action should be done urgently concerning the use of fossil energy for instance. Taxes should be created and/or increased for the big polluting companies. Changes of habits at a personal level will not be enough and should not be an alibi for politicians to not do anything more…

Originally posted 2018-05-26 07:44:15.

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