Frederic Bouhon / Professor

University of Liège / Law

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As a professor of public law, I am particularly interested in the content of the Belgian Constitution, but also in its evolutionary prospects. In association with several colleagues, I recently organised a forum on the revision of the Constitution which focused, among other topics, on the theme of ecological transition. This process could be a useful step towards contributing to a better consideration of sustainable development in Belgium’s supreme law.
In my daily life, at university and at home, I try to reduce my ecological footprint by avoiding the purchase of packaged products as much as possible, by using reusable bottles and containers and by gradually limiting my use of the car. I also try to show the interest and simplicity of these actions around me.
I have to admit that some aspects of my life, especially my professional life, have a significant ecological cost that is difficult to avoid. This is the case, for example, of travel to remote destinations, necessarily by air, to attend conferences and seminars, which are at the heart of academic activity. It is true that some travel can be replaced by video-conferences, but I remain convinced that real meetings with colleagues from other countries and cultures are essential for the development of relevant scientific projects.
I think that the priority developments, to be supported at political level, must concern the provision of alternative transport to the car and the packaging of consumer products, because these are things that concern almost all individuals. I am also convinced that a rapid change in behaviour is possible if it is sufficiently encouraged.

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