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Agricultural Engineer, Ecology & Biomimicry

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While working on ecological and civilization collapses (together with my friends P Servigne & R Stevens), my main concerns are the speed of climate change and biodiversity collapse compared to the inertia of the economic system. Such is our collective lack of reaction (as illustrated by the business as usual trajectory since the 70ies) that another concern is the possible unleashing of violence after a collapse of the fossil-powered civilization. Another concern is the global ignorance of mankind interdependence with the Earth system, as well as a massive denial of the existing level of impact of our species (aka Anthropocene).
In my daily life, I stopped using airplanes in 2013, and won’t fly again unless extreme emergencies (but flown quite a bit already); reduced my meat consumption as much as I can; never bought a Smartphone to limit my IT energy consumption and keep some indium (touch screens) for solar panels; eat mainly local, organic, seasonal and from little shops or growers; live in a well-insulated house heated with geothermal energy. I give a lot of conferences about civilization collapse, biomimicry, “Life Principles” & the key role of collaboration in periods of scarcity, and connect people through workshops of “The work that reconnects”. The more difficult task is to convey the systemic impact of our daily lives on the Earth system. It seems very difficult for anybody to imagine a way of life without fossil fuels & rare earths that is not perceived as a regress. In my personal life, I have difficulties turning fully vegetarian, and reducing my car use as much as possible.To me the key changes which I wait and fight for are to reach a global mobilization level in order to reduce and then reverse our human footprint; as well as put all our efforts on preparing the necessary adaptation measures for a post-fossil world with a 4 to 6°C higher mean temperature. How to stop completely using fossil fuels should be everyone’s priority, an is already a huge task. Other priorities: building an economic system wich does not rely on growth; and a new culture considering other species as members of the same family instead of a collection of disposable objects. This implies to replace the patriarchal and hierarchical ways of organizing human groups which have led to the “rape of Earth” and massive inequalities among people by more inclusive and “feminine” systems.

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