Gian-Marco Rignanese / Professor

UCLouvain/ Materials Science

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Our use of energy has been one of the drivers (and probably the main one) of climate change. Moving to renewable sources of energy is crucial for the future of our planet. Materials are at the core of the technologies that can make the transition possible. In the last decade, lots of efforts have been dedicated to finding new materials for renewable energy applications: photovoltaics, batteries, thermoelectrics, catalysis, leds, … But all that takes a lot of time and I do not see in the near future an emerging solution. We need to drastically reduce our energy consumption.
At a personal level, I have paid special attention in the energy consumption of our family house by investing in insulation, production of electricity by photovoltaics panels, replacement of lamps by leds, installation of an heat pump for our hot water.I have chosen cars with low CO2 emission and weak consumption. A colleague and I try to come to work together as much as possible. I used to stay at home two days a week but since I have become the head of our research division it has become almost impossible (too many meetings and too many people to interact with). Also with my daughters becoming older, I have seen our use of the car increase for carrying them to their different hobbies. So, my car usage is one of my main concerns. The other one is the use of planes for going to conferences, workshops or for interacting with other colleagues.

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