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One of the issues that concerns me most is pollution, in all its forms. Be it a cleaning product, a toothbrush, or new clothes, each of our purchases has an impact on the environment! For example, in terms of chemical pollution, or waste production.
In my daily life, I take great care to make responsible purchases, and spend time learning about existing alternatives. For my gifts, I started to use wrapping clothes for the packaging (according to the traditional Japanese furoshiki technique). For children, I intend to focus on second-hand toys in the future.
Against the waste of paper, I systematically denounce the advertisements that reach my mailbox despite my “stop-pub” sticker…
Whatever I have to buy, more responsible alternatives almost systematically exist. However, responsible initiatives and brands are scattered, and finding the information sometimes takes time.
I think that an important work of information synthesis is therefore necessary, which should be initiated at the political level. This is to make the ecological transition more accessible to everyone.
Waste sorting could be rethought to make it clearer and more generalised. Also with a view to raising awareness. For example, there is sometimes a lack of PMD bins. In French, people also frequently read “Cartons” instead of “Drink cartons”, and think they can then put their pizza boxes in it. Besides, dirty cardboard cannot be recycled…
Finally, I hope in the near future to see the political authorities impose the biodegradability of packaging plastics, and to see an increase in the supply of responsible clothing.

Originally posted 2019-01-23 19:38:02.

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