Jerome Mallefet / Research associate FNRS

Université catholique de Louvain / Marine biology

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We are falling into the wall: too much pollution, too much fossil fuel use, too much plastic production, too much waste, too much consumption, we use far too many resources … on earth as in the oceans, Earth is tired of uncontrolled human activities. Our oceans suffocate, if this continues, it is humanity that will disappear.
We contribute by reducing waste, save energy and be aware of our ecological footprint: roof insulation of the house, photovoltaic panels installation, recycling rainwater, insect hotel in the garden, nesting boxes, plantation hurdles, use of short distribution circuit, no more plastic bag. At sea level I participate in ecological awareness for divers since many years, respect for the marine environment, public conferences on the state of our maritime resources, we lower our fish and seafood consumption …
We have invested not only money but time and also change (bad) habits; it is not easy all the time but it is worth it, if everyone goes there, we will move things .
Our politicians must think not in the short term for their positions but in the medium and long term for future generation, It is necessary to change in depth our modes of operation. to support the insulation of the buildings, to reduce the losses of energy, to favor the replacements of the heating systems, to develop a truly integrated and functional system of multiple sources of energy capable of providing the essential needs of our societies (but we must first of all control and reduce these needs), there must be good public transport, i.e. well integrated and coordinated.
Our oceans must be saved, more marine protected areas must be created, it is essential to limit fishing and to promote environmentally friendly-aquaculture.

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