Julie Jadoul / Laboratory technician

UCL-ELI / Bachelor in environment

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My actions to preserve the environment:
As a person in charge of a laboratory, my main concern is to reduce the energy consumption and the use of consumables.
So for this of course, I turn of the light and the devices when I don’t need them and I ask the users of the lab to do the same but I also start the dishwasher or launch an autoclave cycle only when they are fully filled. When I need a bit of a special product, I try to see if there is already this product in another laboratory rather than ordering a new bottle of it.
One of the difficulties is to collect all the requests early enough and doing it on time but I also could decide on which day of the week I launch an autoclave and users should tell me if they need me to clean, prepare or sterilize something before that day.
For the use of consumables, it’s a bit more difficult because we have to do what it’s needed to keep the work sterile, and usually, everyone has his one way. I recommend using sanitizing gel rather than sterile gloves and organize my work in order to use the less tips and graduated pipettes.
At home, I use ecological cleaning product and I’ve also drastically reduced consumables (no more cotton swab, make-up remover pad…) and turn of the devices when I leave.
I wish the big pharmaceutical companies (in which I work in the past) could be less energy-intensive and less waste generating, the government should require that they are ISO 14000 as well as GMP. The goverment should also offer a bigger renovation assistance for old buildings like universities so they can be less energy-intensive too.

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