Laurence Lins / Senior research fellow FNRS

University of Liege / Biochemistry

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I am a biochemist working in the agricultural faculty of Gembloux. Our main concern currently is to find natural alternatives to chemical compounds used as pesticides. Indeed, those products are a threat for Nature but also for human health.
As a scientist, I cannot stay without doing nothing for the environment and for humans. This is also why I am involved in nutrition, as a complementary activity. It is very important for me to inform people about the danger of chemicals that are present in almost all industrial food, about the importance of eating healthy vegetables, that are grown in organic farming.
I have my own kitchen garden, where I grow food using permaculture techniques to keep the soil alive. I try to reduce my waste at most, and in the lab, we have grown tomatoes and other vegetables to share.
I think that one important concern to address to the political level is to change the agricultural techniques, to favour natural alternatives and encourage farmers to use more respectful cultivation alternatives, to restore life in soil. This is very important to respect Nature, but also to have healthier food, and so to protect human health.
Another point which is important in my view is to disgard the use of plastics in our everyday life. Again, this should be encouraged at a political level by favouring natural alternatives and apply a tax on the use of plastic.
We can change things individually, by being aware of what is behind the curtain, by choosing another mode of consumption, but we need big efforts from the political world to support all those efforts.

Originally posted 2018-05-15 21:01:35.

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