Maaike Alaerts / Postdoctoral researcher

Center of Medical Genetics, University of Antwerp / Biomedical Sciences

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Due to climate change and the more extreme weather conditions, direct health problems will raise; ecology of disease causing agents will change as well, with consequences and new pressures for medicine and medical research.
Changes I’ve implemented:

  • serious reduction in meat consumption and if we eat meat, we buy it from biological agriculture
  • buying only local and/or bio fruits and vegetables
  • use public transport and bicycle whenever possible
  • we changed to a ‘green’ energy provider
  • recycle as much as possible, including buying second hand toys and clothes
    Travelling less is something I find difficult, also in my job, but I won’t book an airplane city trip for a holiday weekend anymore, rather choose destinations that can be reached by train or car.
    In my opinion at the society level we should invest more in research on useful alternative sources of energy and focus on recycling and reducing waste.

Originally posted 2018-11-29 03:48:51.