Manuel Sintubin / Full Professor

KU Leuven /Geodynamics

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As a geologist, being amazed in my everyday research by the wonders of our unique planet, one develops a deep respect for nature, the natural environment and our ‘living’ Earth. From that perspective, it goes against the grain with me to see how disrespectful fellow humans handle their natural environment and how they take everything nature does for them, for granted, even now that they are more and more confronted with nature’s vagaries. This respect for nature is definitively a guiding principle in my everyday life, being conscious that every action one takes, may have an impact on the natural environment. This awareness results in asking yourself whether or not the actions one takes, are needed for one’s well-being and the well-being of one’s next of kin. One learns to enjoy the little things in life, in close harmony with nature and Planet Earth. By doing so, I hope to lead by example, convincing people around me that trying to life in harmony with nature can be a fulfilling life. But by living consciously, I also realize that our way of life has still a major impact with respect to consumption of natural resources and energy, and that such a way of life is unsustainable. It remains a challenge to life within the boundaries of our planet. Taking into account the prospect of a still growing world population the coming decades, with people in developing regions that will pursue a standard of living, which we already enjoy in the West, and realizing that our standard of living still has a major environmental impact, I’m convinced that our society should still invest more in scientific research and technological developments to evolve towards a sustainable world society within the boundaries of our ‘living’ planet. Technological breakthroughs will eventually allow humanity to push back its dependency of primary natural resources and non-renewable energy sources, reducing our impact on the natural environment and thus providing nature the opportunity to thrive.

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