Marcos Fernández-Martínez / Postdoctoral researcher

Antwerp University / Terrestrial ecology

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  1. My main concerns regarding climate change are the dangerous feedbacks between ecosystems and global warming, that can lead to a higher global warming that expected, posing a serious threat to the well being of humanity.
  2. On my day-to-day life, I’ve so far tried to reduce meat consumption, reduce mileage (working from home some days) and saving energy at home by reducing the temperature of the heater. 3. In some European countries, public transport is still far from what it should be to allow us be more independent of our cars. Moreover, highly efficient appliances are usually much more expensive than the inefficient ones. We should consider increasing taxation on inefficient machines to support energy saving.4. We need brave and inteligent people ruling our countries. They must embrace an environmentalist agenda at all levels of the public administration and strenghthen control on the private sector to drive it towards a zero-carbon economy.

Originally posted 2018-08-14 05:41:52.