Marie Christine Dewolf / Project manager and consultancy

AIGx, Health and Environement Alliance (HEAL), UFPMTC / Agriculture engineer (Rural and sanitary engineering), Health and environment, Traditional chinese medicine and Ostéothaï

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My main concerns is the short view of many actors (politicians, authorities, population, …), short view in terms of timing, geography but also in terms of fields of expertise. Not having an holistic view doesn’t allow to develop an holistic approach to respond to the present degrading situation. Another concern is the support given by our politician to industry lobby without looking at the big picture, without including the nature (human and non human) in the scope of the discussion).
Besides “small” actions like taking the train and the bicycle for transportation, reducing to one car for the whole family or looking for solutions to avoid as much waste as possible or reduce my energy consumtion, I give input in different ways. I give input through the develpment of projects (ex. development of e-Learning modules in environment and health), trainings or awareness raising campaigns (at the professional, personal and social levels), through my participation to the support network for the internal transition and through exchanges with friends (sharing readings, projects, initiatives, …). Some of my projects are still under development and I will be happy to join the transition network as soon as it will be launched. Working in network and collective intelligence is essential to me to ensure an holistic and inclusive view and approach and increase the visibility to a wider public of the transitioning process.
Part of the difficulties encountered relate to transportation and interactions with others: difficulty to attend an event in places where public transportations are not good. Even if the possibility of sharing a car exists, it implies to know beforehand who will be attending the event and to depend on everyone’s planning. Trains inefficiency and no train connection between Brussels and Louvain-la-Neuve after 10:40-11:00 pm is another difficulty and implies to take the car. Another point is the fragmentation of the information: energy, biodiversity, agroecology and permaculture, etc, all refer to many different websites. Looking for information is energy consuming (even if alternative searching process (like Lilo) allow to fund environement projects). This last point slows down awareness raising of a wider public… and probably the initiation of even more transitioning projects.

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