Marie-Clotilde Roose / Chargée de cours philosophiques

UCLouvain LOCI / Philosophy

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My fields of expertise : philosophy / phenomenology / poetics / ethics / aesthetics / philosophy for students in architecture and arts / creative writing / literature / poetry
My way of life & actions for society :

  • To enter in a permanent and (if possible constructive) dialogue with all my relationships;
  • To speak about environmental causes and critical emergencies in my courses;
  • To walk as much as possible for short distances (with child to school, shopping, etc.);
  • To prefer train as much as possible long-distance work sessions;
  • To improve isolation in my own house;
  • To organize and gather my activities in reasonable time and distance;
  • To give or recycle everything that can be used twice or more (printing paper R-V, 2d hand clothes, plastic bags, etc.) for no waste;
  • To participate to (selected) collective actions for climate, environmental & social causes;
  • To support all students’ and colleagues’ initiatives for more ethical attitudes;
  • To sign petitions that make the change!
    Difficulties :
  • To reduce the use of cars : not enough free parking places around the train stations and not enough public transport from the villages around (timetables not suitable);
  • Many little stations closed : the use of cars is quite necessary;
  • The higher price of fair-trade food & clothes…
    Key changes :
  • Better public transport offers (alternative smaller buses for villages);
  • Public transports ticket = free parking at stations;
  • Higher taxes for polluting companies and opaque investments;
  • Lower taxes for financial investments in green energy (wind, solar), permaculture and new living models : like in Denmark, let the nation invest in its future (not only lobbies and elites).

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