Pierre Biot / Head of Unit in charge of biodiversity at federal level

FPS Health, Food chain safety and environment / Agronomy, environment, health

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Concerns: we have all figures and we know what we shoud do to be more balanced and to have therefore a more balanced earth but a shift in consciousness remains a personal decision not supported by the organisation of the society.
Implemented actions at personal level: Transport: use of foldable electric bike, public transportation and if impossible otherwise renting of a car by using sharing platform. Food: no meat and almost no fish, bio food, mainly locally produced. Health: physical practice each morning, meditation practice each evening. Energy: house temperature at max 20°C set when I wake up or when I come back from outside.
Difficulties: to convince others of the costs to the environment not included in the cheapest products we can buy and of the benefits provided for free by the nature around us for our health.
Key changes in the society: transitions are neded urgently for transport, food, health… but are delayed election after election; the government is from my point of view responsible for strengthening the framework in place or for putting a framework in place; providing consumers an information to make choices is no more sufficient; a mainstreaming of not only climate change but also biodiversity and oceans shoud be done in each government and in each industry because these elements form the basis of our prosperity as well as our wellbeing; the science developed in our countries shoud learn to collaborate with other approaches to investigate other ways of dealing with our health as well as with our environment; transitions require out of the box thinking; a shift of consciousness requires new skills such as meditation which could make a huge difference in the way the society works.

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