Roland Libois / Chargé de cours

ULiège / Sciences zoologiques

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I am witnessing the imminent threat of extinction of species, of the entire biosphere for an essentially destructive civilization. My work consists in the study and protection of threatened species: badgers (Belgium), otters (Belgium, France, Morocco), European mink (France), glirids (common dormouse, fat dormouse, garden dormouse – Belgium and Western Europe), Kingfishers (Belgium, Europe and Benin), threatened birds in Benin. Also, in the study of “problem” species: great cormorant (Belgium, France, Lake Kivu – DRC), granivorous birds (Burundi), catfish (France), black rat as pathogens (Azores – Portugal, Cotonou – Benin). I also give courses and conferences for threatened biodiversity to highlight the fundamental causes of biodiversity destruction: World Bank, IMF, WTO; in addition to the close causes (deforestation, various pollution including radioactivity, agrochemistry, soil destruction, overfishing, trafficking in species (trophies, ivory, rhino horn, live caged animals, aquarium, terrarium…).
My private actions: since 1975, I have been involved with the “Friends of the Earth” and then in the “Ecolo” party. House: frame with dubble glazings; roof insulation; photovoltaic panels. My Garden: vegetables and fruits (blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, cherries, apples, pears, grapes, walnuts) so partial organic self-production! Food: less meat, as much as possible in organic and short circuit. Cleaning products: as much as possible in organic products. Waste: selective sorting, compost and less waste. Transport: LPG car, no more possible: train. An ethical bank: Triodos (member of the G.A.). Energy: member of the G.A. for Ferréole and Energie-2030
To safeguard what remains of our lives on earth, we must: denuclearize all civil and military companies; achieve social justice; dismantle financial lobbies; thoroughly reform international institutions such as the IMF, World Bank, WTO…; thoroughly reform Europe: the Treaties of Maastricht, Lisbon, the CAP, the European Central Bank…; the forgiveness of state debts for odious, illegal or illegitimate debts; define the economy for the real economy, and rethink the economy; rethink the relationship between people and the natural environment: ensure symbiosis and cooperation, and not limitless competition; understand that happiness can lie in happy sobriety.

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