Sam Dupont / Senior Lecturer

University of Gothenburg /Ocean Acidification

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I am working on the “other CO2” problem: ocean acidification.
As a consequence on increasing carbon dioxide emissions, the ocean is getting more acidic. I am investigating the consequences for marine life and the news are not good. Together with other changes such as warming, ocean acidification will contribute to the reduction in biodiversity with consequences for marine life but also humans as our fate is tightly linked to the ocean.
As a scientist, my contribution is to:

  • develop the science that is requested to achieve a sustainable future. That includes documenting the problem (monitoring, projections), provide keys for solutions (e.g. management, aquaculture) and scientific data that we need for a targetted and efficient communication. I am doing experiments mostly in the lab with a strong focus on “solutions”.
  • reach out to a wide range of audiences, from citizens to policy makers, to lead to change and large scale collective actions. We are testing different approach to communicate science to drive real impacts.
  • develop the needed capacity in developping countries to increase literacy, collect needed data and implement solutions. I am going to countries all around the lab to build labs for ocean acidification research, teach best practices and develop research strategies.
    As a citizen, I changed my behaviour to decrease my carbon footprint:
  • I am mostly vegetarian, only eating meat while travelling and when alternatives are not available
  • I am only buying what is truly necessary
  • I am travelling smart minimizing the use of my car and rather walk, bike or use public transportation.
    My job is my main challenge as I am travelling far too much. Without my professional travelling, I am producing much less than the average Swedish citizen but I am much much worse if I include my trips.
    However, I am now more selective in what trip I am selecting. I mostly travel in the context of teaching and capacity building. I believe that despite the carbon dioxide costs associated with these trips, they have a positive impact. For other activities such as scientific conferences, I try to contribute remotely, for example by sending movies and joining by skype.

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