Stéphanie Ponsar / Researcher

Royal Belgian Institute of Naturalsciences / Physics / Climate change in regional oceans

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My main concern is on climate change for its impacts on sea level rise as well as on extreme events. It is a global issue in the sense that countries with the highest CO2 emissions are not necessarily the ones who will face the strongest impacts. So, it is also a highly political matter for the world we want to live in. I took two actions for reducing my CO2 footprint. The main one is to insulate my apartment, the roof in a first step and then the walls. This will considerably reduce our consumption of energy. My second action is to go to work using public transport. The main issue with the insulation of buildings is its cost but it can also be considered as one of the best investment one can do. At the political level, I would wish a realistic investment and implementation plan in a non-carbonate production of electricity.

Originally posted 2018-05-05 05:04:07.

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