Valérie Hugon / Master student

Unamur / Biology

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-My main concern is the lack of awareness of a large number of people about the quantity of products (food or not) useless, superfluous purchased and that will often end up in the trash
-Changes :

  • I try to eat organic products from countries close to Belgium, eat less meat and buy less prepared products
  • To reduce the plastic, I started using solid shampoo, buying some fruits and vegetables in bulk as well as some cereals or seeds.
  • I sort my garbage, I use lots of recycled papers, I buy little clothes and if I can in second hand
  • At home we have solar panels for electricity and solar tubes for hot water.
  • I would like to have a vegetable garden.
  • I would like to make my entourage aware of this but I admit to having some difficulties.
    -Difficulties encountered to reduce your energy consumption or environmental degradation factors at the company level: the amount of brand, advertising, products, sales are different factors that in my opinion push for consumption because we always want more and now, it became impossible to walk in the streets without being confronted with all these products, all more beautiful, more colorful, supposed to be cheaper and more efficient one of the others.
    Moreover, I do not know much about economics but I think that the current model, which wants growth at all costs, pushes governments to make decisions that often go against the conservation of the planet but more with the search for gain and therefore towards overproduction / overconsumption.
    -Key changes in society or at the political level :
    We need to have teachers who from kindergarten and primary schools educate students in sorting and sustainable consumption ; and I think that in all formations the students have to have a course on biodiversity and the importance of nature, because how do you get people to take care of the land if they don’t understand what it brings them, why do it.
    We need an increase in waste recycling sites and an increase in products made from these recycled materials.
    We need a major change in farming techniques to allow soils to grow harvests longer and stop deforestation, …

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