Virgilio Goujon / Master student

University of Namur / Evolutionary and moleculary biology

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For now, my expertise in the field of evolutionary and moleculary biology can be summed up in my memory… that is to say very little : we study the embryonic development of a clonal reproduction fish from the epigenetic point of view. But the university, through facts explained during the cours, made me aware of current issues. The seed has grown in my mind, and now, I try to change my lifestyle :

  • I try to eat organic products from countries close to Belgium and eat less meat.
  • I try to reduce plastic consumption.
  • I sort my garbage, I use lots of recycled papers, I buy little clothes and if I can in second hand
  • I would like to have a vegetable garden.
  • I would like to make my entourage aware of this but I admit to having some difficulties.
  • I try to use bicycle.
  • I try to make my entourage aware of the same issues to change their way of life too.
    Products that meet these requirements are “rare”, cyclades trails are also poor here, and the spirits are well anchored… overall, the type of society (neo capitalism) in which we live does not go in this direction… this quote summarizes things well : “Le véritable ennemi […] c’est l’argent qui corrompt, l’argent qui achète, l’argent qui écrase, l’argent qui tue, l’argent qui ruine et l’argent qui pourrit jusqu’à la conscience des hommes”.
    The key element is education. Secondary teachers must be aware of environmental issues and must include the issues in an active way in their course, and that, in all subjects. The primary goal of the school is to make good citizen, today it goes through that.

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