Xavier Fettweis / FNRS Research Associat

ULiège / PhD in climatology: regional climate modeling and polar regions

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  1. My main concerns about climate change in my researches are the melt of the Greenland ice sheet and associated impacts on the sea level rise and the oceanic circulation in the Atlantic Ocean.
  2. In the aim of reducing my carbon footprint,
    => we have chosen to live close to our work in the city of Liège and not in the countryside around Liège or in Ardennes (while I like this region) to reduce our daily trips by car. Moreover, we have invested to better isolate our house.
    => when the weather is OK, I take the time to come at the University by bicycle, even I need to climb the Sart-Tilman hill! Although some investments have been done in the bicycle track from Angleur to Sart-Tilman, crossing the Liège city by bicycle remains dangerous due to the absence of cycle tracks.
    => I use at the maximum the train/TGV when I need to go to another university (in BE, FR, NL,…) for a meeting. The train allows to work or read papers. However, I regret that the train ticket remains sometimes very expensive with respect to low-cost company or the “train” alternative takes some times too much time. It is for example the case if I need to go the centre of Météo France at Toulouse. The flight ticket should be a lot of more expensive and train still needs large investments to improve its competitivity.
    => I fully sort my wastes. It is true that we have already the opportunity to use the blue bag PMC but in the recycling parks, there are a lot of more possibilities for the solid plastic for example. Although the presence of recycling park, I deplore that there are still a lot of wild deposits of wastes in the nature around Liège.
    => in my buyings, when it is possible, I give a priority to the local/Belgian products to limit the transportation, in particular for fruits, vegetables, … . However, I deplore that it is sometimes hard to find the provenance of the products and that some foreign products are cheaper than Belgian product while they have a larger carbon footprint. The products should be taxed in fct of their carbon footprint and not with a fixed VAT.

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