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I have been working with public and private actors on mitigation and adaptation to climate change for more than 10 years.
In concrete terms, for mitigation to climate change (Bilan Carbone®), it is a question of helping them find a direction that is as effective or more efficient than the one currently in place while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For adaptation to climate change, after having identified the effects of climate on activity, it is necessary to consider the evolution – in more or less – of these effects while considering guidelines to take them into account.
Personal life is a form of experimental ground: keeping your home cool in periods of high heat (obviously without air conditioning) is no longer just a matter of personal comfort, it is also a way to better present concrete solutions to my customers!
I also try to be consistent:

  • For example, I find my comfort and professional interest in doing 99.5% of my trips by bike and/or public transport, so it is the option that is given priority the rest of the time.
  • Moving towards zero waste is a real challenge to its purchasing practices with greater attention to quality.
    The difficulties are rarely insurmountable on a daily basis, I remember the renovation of my home: if the craftsmen were all focused primarily on the quality of execution (which is obviously fundamental), they were less focused on the performance and the type of products used. It was therefore necessary to take a specific time with them on these topics.
    Consumers do not sufficiently realize their power : even though a product that is no longer purchased is quickly enough sold in its current form! Over-packing, the number of fruits and vegetables available all year round are false progress: they are synonymous with waste of energy and materials. So, rather than waiting for political changes, if we all made more rational choices: our health, our wallet, our climate, etc. would certainly be a little better already

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