Agnès NOEL / Professor

Professor and head of cancer research unit / University of Liege

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I am coordinating cancer research in the University of Liège. I am personally concerned by the impact of our behavior and consumption (smoking, junk food, pesticide contaminated food, drugs…) on our health. As a biologist, I am sad and concerned by the biodiversity loss in the environment. Needless to go far away to witness those changes that are visible through a regular observation of species in our garden (birds, insects, mammalians, amphibian). Since more than 30 years, in our daily life, we are acting, as much as possible, at different levels:

  • Consumption: For shopping, we favor small circuit, avoid supermarket, buy 100% organic food and avoid waste producing products (can, plastic bottle…). We eat in season, have a kitchen garden which produces about 90% of vegetables we need, and we have reduced our meat consumption.
  • House and energy: We built a wooden house (without tropical wood) well isolated with natural carboned materials, with a wood heating (consumption is less than 6m3 using local wood), and passive, thermal and photovoltaic solar systems. Our power consumption is less than 2700 kwh/year for two persons including 1200 kwh auto-produced and 1500 purchased at a 100% renewable electricity producer (Energy 2030). We are collecting rainwater, limiting thereby detergent consumption and reducing our pressure on groundwater. Since 25 years, we use composting toilets and have an individual system of water purification, which is not dependent on electricity. To maintain the biodiversity, there are no exotic plant in the garden and the grass is not cut.
  • Transport: We have a small light car with a performing engine and a particule filter. Nevertheless, I am not leaving close to the University. To attend scientific meetings, I also have to travel. When possible, I favor train.
  • Investment: We are supporting NGO developing project in agro-ecology. We are investing in ethical bank (Triodos Bank), in ethical funds, in sustained energy producer, and in cooperative societies supporting sustainable farming (Terre-en -vue).
    Major changes in the society/politics:
  • Change the paradigm of economic growth and limit demographic growth.

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