Alexis Esquerré / PhD researcher

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Department of Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering (HYDR) / Coastal and marine geology

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I’m a PhD researcher in the field of marine geology, and I am aware of the long-term consequences of environmental issues. The main issue caused by climate change in my direct field of research is the rise of sea level due to the global warming caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases. I cannot imagine a world in which the current beach would be under the sea level, and yet it could happen much more quickly than what we’re prepared to.
For these reasons, I am trying to adapt my lifestyle to limit my impact on the environment. I always look for alternate solutions before using my car, and in my daily life I only walk and use public transports. I even plan to change for an electric car next year. I try to limit my use of water as much as possible. I subscribed to an electricity company distributing only “green” energy. I reduced my consumption of food from outside of Western Europe, and now I even try to buy only Belgian products. At work, I am also part of my department’s Green Impact Team, which promotes green initiatives in the department and in the university. The actions I do are a small contribution. But as much as a huge amount of human CO2 emissions can result from a sum of individual choices, a huge decrease of these emissions can result from a sum of small contributions like these.

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