Angelique Berhault / Science Communicator

Belgian Biodiversity Platform / Biodiversity

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My main concern is that food production of the future will be unhealthy since soils are highly polluted.
I am currently supporting a project on conservation agriculture. The goal of conservation agriculture is to stock a maximum of carbon in soils in order to transform the CO2 of the atmosphere into stable organic matter in soils. By constantly covering the soil, the technique of conservation agriculture avoids hydraulic and wind erosion through the action of roots and plants that maintain it. I am also supporting a project in agro-forestry. Agro-forestry consists in placing trees around and within fields in order to enhance biodiversity (fauna and flora), to stock carbon and to enhance soil fertility at the surface of the field.
Difficulties I encounter is to convince others to buy local products, to eat less meat, to buy local organic food in markets rather than food from large retail in supermarkets, to avoid changing their phones too often, and to refrain from using streaming online (YouTube, Netflix…) as data centers consume a lot of energy.
At the political level, a genuine economic transformation is needed. Instead of supporting multinationals and companies that degrade the environment, the governments in place should have the courage to fine companies such as Monsanto and so on, and to provide subsidies to companies and organizations that protect the environment (e.g. farmers working in organic farming / conservation agriculture / diversity and protection of seeds, etc).

Originally posted 2018-05-28 10:50:48.