Hildegarde Vandenhove / Institute Director, Environment, Health and Safety

Belgian Nuclear Research Centre / Radiation protection, Radioecology, Site and Environmental remediation, nuclear waste disposal

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We should decrease our global footprint to decrease our everyday burden on the earth in terms of environmental global impact but also in terms of our contribution to inequity in order not to destabilize the system irreversibly. Belgium should endorse and abide to the climate agreement and attain the CO2 reduction target. We should strive for a circular economy, cleaner industries, the preservation of the environment, measures that lead to the promotion of public transport, the de-promotion of cheap air flights, the abandonment of king car.
The decision for clean and equitable energy should be based on objective holistic studies executed by a multidisciplinary expert team, objective studies void from any taboos. Considering the climate change objectives, optimal energy transition scenarios should be developed based on a sustainable development perspective considering technological, environmental, socio-cultural, economic and policy factors. To this sustainability assessment of energy transition scenarios with clean and equitable energy as target, we want to contribute at professional level.
I try to decrease my own footprint (bike or public transport, less flights, attentive to decreased consumption of energy, water, other goods) but it is challenge and I still have a way to go.
At political level, measures should be taken to attain the set climate goals thereby considering environmental, technological, societal (e.g. equity) and economic factors, to promote innovation, to enhance clean(er) transport (non-motorized, public transport, ..), to promote ecological build environment, to enhance sensibilisation campaigns. We should become aware of how our lifestyle affects our environment and should consume less of all the scarce resources

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