Bernard Knoops / Full Professor

UCLouvain / Cell and Molecular Biology

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Here, I just would like to share my experience about simple changes that can be easily done in our way of life on a day-by-day basis. My goal is just to share my experience. Since more than one year now (starting at the end of 2017), I use an electric bicycle to go to work instead of using my car. The distance between my house and my work place is 6 km, which is not that much. It takes me about 30 min from my door to my office instead of 20 min by car. Moreover, the trail to my work is very plaisant and I must say that the “contact” with nature using my bicycle is something really great especially when I leave my office to come back home. I do not claim that this is feasable by everyone, considering the distance between your house and your work that may be too long to do it by bicycle or for parents who have to drive their childeren to school but I really think that considering to change the way we use our car on a day-by-day basis should be examined. It is clear that we have to change our habits. Let’s start to do it step by step, with simple and pleasant actions that will be easy to implement.

Originally posted 2018-04-28 18:46:54.

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