Martine Vanderstraeten / Senior Advisor

Belgian federal Science Policy Office / Geographie

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My main concern is that science outcome is available to understand climate change and to underpin action but that policy people think too much on the short term and in terms of costst for action and not costst of inaction.
Having said that, it is important to continue to investigate the underlying processes of the climate system and the interlinkages and interactions with other systems, to continue the more basis research as well and to continue to reduce uncertainties.
Within my job I try to continue to draw the attention on the need for continnuing research.
With respect to my energy consumption: I have solar panels but after all my bill is not much lower. I am not rewarded for the production of my own energy. It would be good if I could store the produced energy in a battery to use on memnets when the sun does not shine.  
Key changes in society and at the political level: long term thinking, rewarding behaviour underpinning a transition towards a carbon neutral society.

Originally posted 2019-04-10 01:49:34.

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