Cédric Luthers / Expert

ISSeP / Air Quality Monitoring

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Main concerns : Air pollution, including traffic and heat sources. I carry out numerous studies all around Wallonia where problems are detected or suspected (proximity to traffic sources, urban area, industrial zoning,…).
Change and actions: We have significantly reduced our use of the car. We (my wife and I) use bicycles to get to work and limit our travel with our car as much as possible. We also shop in local and organic stores. We prefer to buy our vegetables and meat from a local farmer on a direct route. We limit heating to 19°C at home and turn off the light as much as possible. We are also trying to educate our children about environmental issues. We are also starting a transformation towards zero waste.
Difficulties: The price of “organic” products and organization. All these actions or new ways of life require more time and better organization. A reduction in working time is necessary to take on all this, especially with a family of 5 people.
Key changes: I think that change must come from the citizen. To do this, the citizen must be aware of environmental issues and have the opportunity to make the right choice. The government must support all technologies and initiatives that guide citizens in the right direction (eco-energy, bio and local consumption, new technologies, waste reduction, etc.). The government (at local or European level) should also avoid any lobbying in conflict with the environment (e.g. gasoline, glyphosate).

Originally posted 2018-06-17 08:01:24.