Jo Lebeer / Associate professor

University of Antwerp / Medicine, rehabilitation

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My main concern is that the earth warming up will cause extreme weather conditions which will disrupt the local economies for millions of people in the world, because climate will be too hot and too dry in some places and too wet in other places. This will force people to migrate, cause more migration pressure in the cooler and higher places in the world.
Actions: I Always cycle to work and other places in town; for inter-city transport I use train + bike; we never take a plane to go on holiday; we prefer train or car. We isolated our house and changed to warm water by high efficienty boiler. In a new house we would like to have solar boiler and soil warming. When buying products, we look at where they come from. Our footprint reduced 50% in a few years this way. If we can do it, the rest of the world could do it.
Difficulties: trains cost much more than airplanes for the same distance. Electric cars are too expensive, their fuel autonomy is not long enough and the choice of cars is limited. Products from the other side of the world are relatively too cheap because environmental damage is not taken into account. Even products from other EU countries are sometimes cheaper than local produce
Political action: make trains cheaper than airplanes for the same distance; this means taxing air traffic much more than the symolic 7 euro per ticket which is suggested by the Dutch government. Invest in public transport, in climate-friendly energy production, in research into waste prevention and waste treatment, research into better batteries, into cradle-to-cradle economy

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