Chloé Salembier / Professor

LOCI_UCL / Anthropologist

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As ethnologists, we have observed over the past 10 years, in our respective fields, increasingly marked inequalities between populations. These inequalities are mainly the result of multinationals exploiting natural resources, as well as local populations to enrich themselves, without regard to their impact on their environment and the inhabited context they occupy. As a teacher and researcher in a faculty of architecture and urban planning, I try to provide my students with alternatives to the neo-liberal market economy that profoundly affects all living species and the environments in which they live. On a daily basis, I try to set an example by consuming a minimum of waste, travelling without a private car, limiting my air travel, buying locally produced food that respects the natural environment, etc. I hope that the University will also commit itself to being exemplary in these daily practices in order to bring about more social, climate and migration justice. From a political point of view, many projects should be launched in the coming years, or even months, to better distribute the wealth and protect the natural environments that welcome us.

Originally posted 2018-04-29 19:49:24.