Denis Fournier / Research associate FRS-FNRS

Université libre de Bruxelles / Evolution, Biological invasions, Social insects, Reproductive strategies

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Biological invasions have major ecological and economic consequences, especially by disrupting ecosystem functioning and by homogenizing biodiversity. My research seeks to understand eco-evolutionary dynamics of biological invasions in social insects, using a combination of field experiments and population genomic analyses.
In my everyday life, we prefer, as far as possible, short food circuits, fair-trade movement, and organic farming. During the construction of our house, we used sustainable materials, again as far as possible, and think in terms of using efficiently energy (high-performance windows and extra insulation in walls) and water (dual plumbing that uses rain water for toilet flushing and washing machine). In the garden we have banished exotic species and planted only local species that provide protection, home and food to a number of birds, insects and small mammals.
The most criticized issue about living environmentally friendly is the price.
Our role is to raise awareness among new generations, by beginning with our children. The green economy must become the economy!

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