Jean-François Rees / Professor & researcher

UCLouvain / Animal physiology & toxicology

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As a marine biologist working on environmental pollution, I can see the growing threats posed by our activities to marine ecosystems. Marien ecosystems are changing rapidly, due to the intensive catch of stocks, combined to the impacts of ocean warming and pollution. Regarding the pollution, we all share responsibilities due to the consumption of goods. I am trying to reduce as much as I can the consumptions of petrol-based products. My main problem is related to mobility, with an insufficient offer of public transports, and the fact that they are not fully reliable. As a teacher, punctuality and reliability are essential if one wants to replace the individual car. I have bought an electric bicycle which I use when my 10y-old daughter is not with me. But the lack of protected bicycle lanes makes if too dangerous for me to take her along on her own bike.
On the political side, it is urgent that vigorous decisions be taken and implemented for protecting the seas and reducing human pressure on these ecosystems. That includes a strong reduction of fishing quotas for endangered species and populations, and an adequate enforcement of the laws, with controls in harbors and fish retailors.

Originally posted 2018-07-09 08:28:39.