Jean-Thomas Cornelis /Chargé de cours

University of Liege / Soil science and biogeochemistry

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My main concerns are about how human “succeeded” to disrupt the balances of elements and energy in terrestrial ecosystems, on very short time scales.This means that the pools and fluxes of elements essential for fauna and flora are now totally unbalanced.Despite working with the complexity of ecosystem functioning, human designed unsophisticated agro-ecosystems almost fully controlled by anthropogenic practices. We are responsible for creating “lazy” agro-ecosystems giving them the nutrients when they need and under the “optimal” (in terms of productivity) conditions. This implies that plant do not develop anymore the necessary interactions with microbiomes, minerals and organic matter, which would be responsible for more resistant and resilient agro-ecosystems.
This is the same way we are living: faster and simpler. So the changes we have to implement is to reconnect people with nature. It is what we are trying to do in our family buying our vegetables in a local permaculture farm (Graines d’Avenir, managed by François Wiaux).
This way our two little boys can understand the energy needed for producing food. The difficulty is that if we want to consume better, this is more expensive. But the solution is to consume less, but better.
In my professional life I do my best for using public transport.
But this is a shame that a flight is less expensive to go in Vienna than travelling by train. We do have to receive grant when we demonstrate that we use train instead of plane.
I would request a law not only for climate but for Earth/environment preservation which aim at granting any actions/initiatives promoting the preservation of the environment, I mean the balance of natural fluxes in terrestrial and oceanic ecosystems.In 2020 the richest human won’t be the one who invest and get more money but the one who invest and get more profit for nature.

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