Mathieu Luyckx / Assistant Chief Resident / PhD student

Cliniques universitaire Saint-Luc / De Duve Institute – UCLouvain / Medecine – Gyneco oncology – complexe surgery and fertility

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Main concerns:
We see a rise in gynaecological cancer in (very) young patient that we cannot fully explain actually – we aslo see, in Belgium especially, a important rise in number but also in heavyness of endometriosis diseases (bening lesion inflamatory, bringing pain and infertilty to young patient). These two fact could be related to water pollution and endocrine perturbator. We also observed a dramatic degradation in the quality of the sperm these last decade (OMS modify “the normal range” in 2014 because nearly none of the sperme examination was considered as normal with the old ranges)

  • Change that I’ve/ I’ll implement:
    Local food prefered/ avoir palm oil using/ avoid plane travelling (only when mandatory for work, if online meeting are not feasible and international congress in my field of expertise – no/rarely for vacation)/ quit one car and buy a Electric bike with something to carry my 3 children (planned)/ Isolation of my house to decrease energy consomation/ avoid using “one use plastic bag”/ Start a compost/ Stop buying clothes as long as I’ve enough clothes in good state / Use 2d hand shopping to buy/sell… and I’m sill trying to find new action every day
  • My main difficulties is the importance of the work to do, that some day look impossible… but I do not want to give up. The other one if to find to good information; especially on the best ways to decrease you ecologic impact; you have thousand of information on how dramatic is the situation but not yet enough reliable information on what is the best way of (collective) action
  • The society and individual must accept to change their way of life, their confort and their ecotoxic habit. The political level must take radical mesure for the population and industrial, even if it would have major consequence on economics, social, health situations, but that would never be as dramatic as earth complete destruction.

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