Amandine Orsini / Professor

CReSPo / International Relations

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My field of expertise is global environmental politics, that is all policy efforts to protect the environment at the international level. My concerns are related to the lack of awareness among civil society of environmental degradation and of the existence of potential solutions. People are usually not aware of what happens at the international level, they think it is beyond their reach which is actually not true.
I do not make radical changes but I try progressively to embrace a living style that is more in line with the respect of the environment. I am taking specific measures for the environment, but also because they often bring other benefit to me, in financial terms or with regard to health issues.
I never had a car and I think I will never have one. I have three children but we use bicycles, we walk, we use public transports, etc. If really needed we use a car-sharing system or we rent a car for a week-end or a holiday. But this is rare. I don’t think cars are needed, at least in my city. That would be great if my experience without cars could inspire others as air quality is a real concern where I live. Other actions include reducing our consumption of meat, reducing our production of waste by, among others, using flasks, composting, buying loose food etc. and reducing our energy consumption by for instance improving the energy efficiency of our house or turning off our heating system when no one is at home, etc.
My main difficulties rely in conciliating a living style that is more in line with environmental imperatives with a large family. For practical reasons. Another difficulty I have is to regularly face remarks and teasing, just because I have no car. It is incredible to see how some people think you are nothing until you buy a car. I have regular remarks telling that I am silly to cycle, which I think is not true at all. Actually, it is very good for the health.
A key change would be a world without cars, at least when there exist other alternatives, which is very often the case.

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